Have you seen Mah Hall?

March 12, 2009

Boredom during a lecture turned into a doodle in a notebook. Subsequently, the doodle jumped onto the computer as a tee design. Thoughts? I think I’m leaning towards the dark green/light brown (sand?) colors.



Ye olde design

February 23, 2009

This started out as a doodle in class and turned into a rather interesting design. Not really sure what to call it, but I did this a while ago and I would like to add to it. Hmm, maybe some background buildings?

Cities? What lies beneath? Roots?

Something new…

February 22, 2009

Here’s a design I have been working on for a little while.  I’m really happy with how this is turning out.*Slice!*


Banzai! color options:



The War on Terraces

February 19, 2009

War on Terraces

The War on Terraces

Terraced terrain? The war on terror/terraces? Yep, this is it. Following are some color options. Thoughts?

Color Choices-The War on the Terraces


February 19, 2009

Adaptation or Adaption?

Adaptation or Adaption?

Came up with this while on a late-night flight. Started work on it and a friend pointed out that there was a similar one on Threadless. Being stubborn, I decided to finish it anyway. It’s up on Uneetee for voting!